​Leadership Coaching

What if you knew how others perceived you as a leader? Would you be willing to make some changes to be more effective?

​Conflict Coaching

Alan  is a certified facilitator of the Conflict Dynamics Profile, an online assessment to learn how you show up in conflict situations. Complete with a development guide and two sessions of conflict coaching. 

Mediation Services

Mediation is the intervention or negotiation by an impartial third party who has no decision-making power in the conflict at issue. The mediator assists the contending parties in reaching their own mutually acceptable settlement by helping the parties in conflict to coordinate their activities to effectively bargain.

 US Arbitration and Mediation of MN

Conflict is inevitable and isn't necessarily best to be eliminated or avoided. It can be a highly creative and constructive process when you are equipped with the proper tools. Having a better understanding of how and why you respond the way you do to conflict can be extremely helpful in learning how to manage it more effectively.

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Conflict Coaching and Mediation in Minneapolis