Conflict is inevitable and isn't necessarily best to be eliminated or avoided. It can be a highly creative and constructive process when you are equipped with the proper tools. Having a better understanding of how and why you respond the way you do to conflict can be extremely helpful in learning how to manage it more effectively.

​Conflict Coaching

Alan  is a certified facilitator of the Conflict Dynamics Profile, an online assessment to learn how you show up in conflict situations. Complete with a development guide and two sessions of conflict coaching. 

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Conflict Coaching and Mediation in Minneapolis

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Mediation Services

​Mediation is a process facilitated by an objective/non-judgmental and impartial facilitator. It provides an opportunity for individuals involved in a crisis of relationship to communicate with one another to clarify the issues, feelings and wants in order to achieve a better sense of understanding. The goal in any conflict situation is to find the best solution for everyone involved. Focusing on the issue(s) rather than the person(s) provides a greater opportunity for discovering solutions. As mediator, Alan encourages and facilitates a challenging conversation while respecting and supporting self-determination. In most cases there is a tomorrow to the relationship. The mediation process allows for experiencing a new/enhanced way of communicating so that any future conflict situations are more likely to be handled productively.


​Leadership Coaching

What if you knew how others perceived you as a leader?

Would you be willing to make some changes to be more effective?