Conflict Coaching and Mediation in Minneapolis
Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the MN General Rules of Practice
Professional Member - Association for Conflict Resolution
Certified Facilitator - Conflict Dynamics Profile
Certified Instructor - Becoming Conflict Competent

Strengths Finder Profile:

  • Connectedness – Faith in the links between all things. Believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.

  • Strategic – Create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, can quickly spot relevant patterns and issues.

  • Maximizer – Focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. Seek to transform something strong into something superb.

  • Belief – Core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for life.

  • Responsibility – Take a psychological ownership of what they say they will do. Committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.

Linkedin Profile

Alan B Bachman – an experienced professional 

Alan has been involved in a variety of professional activities for over 40 years. From working with businesses with revenues from $5 million to $600 million and non-profit organizations and community development projects in the U.S. and developing countries, Alan has encountered countless experiences he now shares for the benefit of those he serves.

Alan’s innovative perspective has been a key asset in facing economic, environmental and social challenges. Whether working in the United States or in various foreign countries, Alan is regarded as a global thinker, conflict resolution specialist, coach, project manager and team builder. Some of the seemingly insurmountable challenges Alan has addressed in the world have included the growing need for education, healthcare and care and protection for children in developing countries. Alan has served on the ground in numerous countries including Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, Vietnam and Korea, working with foreign governments and indigenous people to address these vital issues for survival and sustainability. Now Alan brings his extensive experiences and unique gifts and abilities to address the ever-changing challenges of life.  

Alan Bachman - Personal Assets

  1. Strategic Planner – Extensive experience in developing a vision for the future, considering various options to address big picture issues. Resource for others whether stumped by day-to-day matters or casting a new vision for the future.

  2. Global Thinker – Worldly appreciation gained from working in numerous countries. We all share a connectedness and are part of something bigger than ourselves.

  3. Conflict Resolution Specialist – Clarification of goals and objectives is the first step in determining a new direction. Common ground is merely a thought apart.

  4. Innovator – Today’s reality requires innovative solutions, not simply tweaking old ideas.

  5. Executive Leader – A leader in various organizations for over 40 years. Intuitive and learned skills in leading medium to large for-profit and non-profit organizations. The appropriate operational model is essential for successful, sustainable organizations.

  6. Coach - Equips individuals with tools for how to think about setting a course of action and achieving a stated outcome.

  7. Project Manager – From conception to implementation, the details make the difference.

  8. Facilitator – Whether bringing together the minds of a few or a room full of many results in greater success for all.

  9. Experiential Learner – Responding to a “calling” has resulted in a deep and wide range of experiences locally, nationally and internationally. Feet-on-the-ground is an amazing teacher.

  10. Team Builder – Group development is essential for any organization’s sustainability. 1 + 1 = 3.