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Leadership assessment guide now available as part of leadership development coaching. How you show up as leader in the workplace has a major impact on the working environment and can actually influence the level of satisfaction felt by your employees. What if you could know how your teammates and colleagues really feel about your leadership style? Would you be willing to make some changes? I am pleased to offer a new tool as part of my leadership coaching. Leaders: Perspectives from the Ones They Lead is a self-assessment guide for all leaders to check their style and behaviors. It is based on real-life experiences of employees who were reluctant to share the truth with their supervisors or others in authority. I offer comprehensive leadership development coaching for leaders at all levels working in businesses or non-profit organizations. Once the assessment is completed we will celebrate your strengths and develop an action plan to work on those areas of highest priorities to you. 
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Leadership Coaching

I founded ABBachman because I know how challenging leadership can be each and every day. Coaching is becoming a more common practice as leaders confront the more challenging questions in their role in the organization. For the day-to-day management issues, to thinking about long-term sustainability for the organization, where does one go for brainstorming ideas? When governance or management decisions need to be made, who can a leader consult with to explore possibilities? Finally, when there are those days of questioning leadership best practices, what’s a source for advice?

Leaders in organizations today are facing countless challenges in our new world reality. 
Are you . . .

  • Struggling with sustainability?

  • Trying to determine an affordable structure that still allows you to meet the needs of those you serve?

  • Experiencing diminished returns on your fundraising efforts?

  • Frustrated, anxious, fearful and lacking energy?

  • In a conflicted relationship within the organization?

  • Questioning which way to turn?

  • Wanting to be the best leader you can be? 

As your leadership coach, I provide a valuable resource for addressing these questions and more, envisioning positive outcomes and developing steps to achieve the desired results.

My extensive experience in for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations has equipped me with expertise in several areas including:

Leadership Development
Conflict Competency - assessment and training
Envisioning the Future
Organizational Growth and Sustainability
Business Development
International Community Development – Project Design and Monitoring

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