Some words from a few of my clients.​

"Alan Bachman offers a sensitive, thoughtful, and practical approach for addressing conflict, an inevitable aspect of our life.   I have already used some of the concepts and techniques that Alan shared; I will continue to integrate them into my work and to use them in personal relationships.  Alan’s process was exceedingly effective and efficient.  The insights we gained were priceless."

“Working with Alan was a powerful, transformative experience and the skills we covered have spilled over into my business and personal life.  Alan is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and focused.  He offers a deep well of resources that have helped me navigate crisis moments and career direction.

Alan’s training in conflict mediation focuses the work on constructive methods, helping people and groups focus on the conflict itself and not each other.  What a breath of fresh air! 

I would highly recommend working with Alan if you’re looking for help dealing with conflict and decision making, as well as if you’re looking for help achieving more of your potential and hitting the next level.”


“Life goes fast and being a parent is just part of it. I felt confident I was a good father and then I started to work with Alan. He never told me I was not a good father but he said he wanted to help me be the best father I could be. With words that kept me focused on what was important, I did become a much better father. Alan helped me slow down and really think what being a father meant from the eyes of my children, not just from what I saw or thought. This dramatically helped change my life as a parent.  And this was just the beginning of the impact on my life while working with Alan.”


“My experience working with Alan was life-changing. I have a very strained relationship with my co-parent and was very skeptical that it could be improved on. However, Alan, together with the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment showed me how to take responsibility for my side of the conflict and better yet, how to change it. I saw results immediately upon using some of the learned tactics and plan to continue to grow and improve in how I deal with conflict in my relationships. I found Alan to be approachable, empathetic to my situation and full of positivity and energy. I would hire him as a life and conflict resolution coach anytime.”


"I met Alan during a very difficult time in my life. He has been coaching me for the past two years. After a very successful career in the corporate world, everything came tumbling down. Alan helped me focus on all the positive things I had done and how abundant life is with family and friends. He also taught me how holding on to positive thoughts can help heal the body and spirit. Alan's coaching has helped me be a stronger person mentally and physically. He is a great listener and life coach."